Defecto – Duality Review

People say that there is nothing as a good night of sleep. Nothing as day after another. As usual I gave Defecto “Duality” the benefit of the doubt when I listened to it for the first time and it didn’t appeal to me. The second time was so much interesting, if you ask me. But in this case I really went very far. It took me two weeks to write this so far…

“Duality” goes in a crescendo, but not in power or heavyness. Defecto go from a modern Heavy Metal – please, not Modern Metal, Modern Heavy Metal. They are differente things – to a Modern Metal itself. Well, to be fair with the band, first track “Rings of Saturn” does have some elements of Modern Metal, but slight and subtle. And they go growing each track on. Things start to change strong at fourth track “All for You” which has a 1980 pop grip.

Here we have an album that bounces from the so called Modern Metal to Modern Heavy Metal in a blink of an eye. Defecto have this natural quality of writing songs that can please both crowds. Some songs as “Bed of Nails” have great guitar playing with amazing solos. Others as the following “Washed Away” have a more modern grip. It’s just how the band does it. In fact, the guitars are very present in all the album, but sometimes they are subtle as if they don’t want to be the highlight. Well, I do respect that, but Metal is all about guitars. Songs as “Bed of Nails” tell me much more than “Tempest,” for instance. But, to be completely fair with the band, after listening all the tracks more than once, there is a good guitar playing in here. No doubt about that. It’s not that highlight that we all want it. Just that.

In general, I may say that “Duality” does justice for its name. It’s all about the duality I’ve told before. By the way, the CD cover shows perfectly that duality and it’s a good invitation card to the album.

Defecto “Duality” was realesed on October 23rd via Black Lodge.

Track Listing:

  1. Rings of Saturn
  2. The Uninvited
  3. Rise
  4. Paradigm of Deceit
  5. All for You
  6. Untamed
  7. Condemned
  8. Bed of Nails
  9. Washed Away
  10. Tempest
  11. Don’t Say Goodbye

Watch “Rise” official video here: