Degrees of Truth – Alchemists Review

Degrees of Truth is a nice name for a band if one think of all philosophical implications of it. Philosopher Paul Veyne used to say that the truth is that the truth varies. So, sticking to this there are degrees of truth. Well, relating this to Metal music it’s possible to say there are degrees of Metal from the least Metal to the most Metal. Hum, that’s absolutely temptating, but absolutely controvertial. Who says a band has the highest degree of Metal? Who says a band has the lowest degree of Metal? Well, as a matter of fact, I do as a professional Metal writer. But, nah, I won’t fall for that even if it is the most temptating idea that has ever arisen here. Now relating this to Degrees of Truth and “Alchemists” I have to say only that the band is good and the music in here is fabulous. And that vocalist Claudia Beltrame looks like Simone Simons. Well, kind of. For starters.

As the band’s official pages says Degrees of Truth commenced in March, 2014. Piano notes floating in the warm studio, moved by a gentle feeling of being in an impalpable dream. Then, the spark: the magic of the first song, the will to forge emotions in music. It goes on saying that it was Gianluca Parnisari, the band founder, realized that he couldn’t stand anymore with all of this inside: Degrees Of Truth were born.
And like the Universe, described in the songs of first album “The Reins Of Life”, the feelings quickly turned into facts, with the help of other two talentuous musicians: Claudia Nora Pezzotta and Graziano Franchetti, respectively lead vocalist and guitarist.

Between 2014 and 2015 then began the hard work of songwriting where every detail was carefully brewed and refined to be mixed in the first songs. But a good team needs good players, and at that time Degrees Of Truth had two empty slots: before entering the studio Luca Ravezzani, drummer, and Matteo Clark, bassist, joined the band to complete the rhythmic section.

Ok, now about their latest album “Alchemists” we got here to review. Though the band declare themselves as Symphonic Metal and the soprano female vocalist is here to prove it for all that matters, there are lots of Progressive Metal elements in their music. I dare to say that the band is highly influenced by 1970’s Prog Rock bands as Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Yes, and, maybe, just maybe, some Jethro Tull. By the way, Claudia Beltrame has a great voice that embellishes the album and gives it the desired Symphonic Metal touch. But the instrumentals tell other story, they are much more aligned with Prog Metal and Prog Rock. Listen to the ELPish keyboards in “Thread of Life” and the guitar riff and tell it isn’t related to Prog Rock. Of course, there are classical music elements as in album welcomer “Imperfect Concoction,” but I guess they get outnumbered considering the whole album. Well, there is “Godless Symphony” to make a point about being Symphonic Metal, but forgive me I appreciate more Degrees of Truth’s other side, the Prog one.

Ok, here we have a great band if my dear child of the night appreciates a Symphonic Metal band that doesn’t play by the book. I do.

Degrees of Truth “Alchemists” will be released on June 23th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Imperfect Concoction
  2. Godless Symphony
  3. Over the Tide
  4. Flightmare
  5. Wrecage of a Lifetime
  6. Misconnection
  7. Tiny Box of Horrors
  8. Thread of Life
  9. Bound to Rise
  10. Alchemists

Watch “Alchemists” official music video here: