Edenbridge – Dynamind

It seems that in the last two weeks my sincere task has been reviewing only female-fronted bands. It may be a coincidence – well, deep inside I believe there are no coincidences -, but we’ve been receiving more female-fronted bands than ever. Sign of the times or just a drop in the ocean as a product of the movements of life? Maybe both. But who cares? Women are always welcome to the Metal world as producers of good music since good music has no genre, am I right?

It’s always great to have the opportunity of reviewing a band’s following effort when possible. It’s when we the valuable chance to see the band evolve. By evolving, I don’t mean always change, I mean the natural movement bands have through time. Things change, a member goes away, another is hired, people change, a child is born, romances happen, accidents too, and on and on. So, as a response, music and lyrics also change to follow the new thoughts and moods, so does the band and its instrumentals.

Two years ago, “The Great Momentum” had its great momentum here.  It was an opportunity to see what happened to Edenbridge after a four year hiatus. Now “Dynamind” isn’t so far, only two years, which is a regular movement. As in “The Great Momentum” where great changes were felt, in “Dynamind” they are present too. I dare to say that “Dynamind” has deeper changes in Edenbridge than “The Great Momentum.” I consider those changes deeper now because they altered the way Edenbridge see their music. “Dynamind” is tougher, faster and more direct sweeping out lots of the classical music structures that were Edenbridge’s touch – they are present only in the last track and title track “Dynamind.” In their career of pioneers of Symphonic Metal, Edenbridge have always been much more Symphonic than Metal, “Dynamind” is here to invert that logic. It is more Metal than Symphonic by far. The change was so deep that there is even a Folk Metal song in it which is “On the Other Side.” Guitars are bigger and louder than ever in the history of Edenbridge for whom keayboards seemed to be more important than guitars – of course, it is my overreaction to their music though I like it. Listen to “The Memory Hunter” or “The Edge Of Your World” and tell me. Even the ballad “Tauerngold” is a great piece of the so-called power ballads due to the strong guitars.

Okay then, let’s now talk about the permanences. Sabine’s voice gets better and better as time goes by. She doesn’t feel the need of showing off now that she’e well established. Now she can do their best without any further efforts. So does the band. Edenbridge’s musicians also don’t feel the same need. That makes a great album.

Ah, “Dynamind” comes as a double CD. CD 1 with ten new songs and CD 2 with their respective instrumentals.

Edenbridge “Dynamind” was released on October 25th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. The Memory Hunter
  2. Live and Let Go
  3. Where Oceans Collide
  4. On the Other Side
  5. All Our Yesterdays
  6. The Edge of Your World
  7. Tauerngold
  8. What Dreams May Come
  9. The Last of His Kind
  10. Dynamind

Watch “Live and Let Go” official lyric video: