FREAKSTORM Begin ‘From Zero’

To record a song for the favourite US-Rockband and to hand it over personally – with this idea it all began in 2016. As a few musicians from the German Town Gummersbach finally met their idols, the fire was literally burning. So singer Sinah Meier wrote “We Got The Fire” and the tribute project developed to the band “Freakstorm” that writes and records its own songs now.

The first EP “We Got The Fire” was recorded in 2018 of Robert Schuller at the Artfarm-Studio and released self-directed. The song appeared in some radio shows and rock magazines.

With Marc Bremer (Bass), Olli Fuchs (Drums) and the rock guitarists Dirk Weidmann and Toby Wendeler a strong team has formed. Now Freakstorm is producing their new songs at the TrakShak Studio in Karlsruhe with Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69/Unisonic).

In April 2019 the band found a new partner: the Label Major Promo Music in Gummersbach. One month later the song “Can’t Keep Me Down” was released – along with a videoclip on YouTube. This first single of the coming EP is available on streaming and download platforms. Just like the second single “Not the One,” that was presented in August. Both singles made it to some rock magazines and radio shows.

Now the Rock band is proud to present its new EP “From Zero.” With 6 Tracks the band shows its whole spectrum – from catchy Hard Rock to heartbreaking Rock ballads with the crystal clear voice of singer Sinah Meier. Since October 2019 the EP is available on streaming and download platforms and also as a CD in record stores and online.

Band Line-Up:

Sinah Meier – vocals
Dirk Weidmann – guitar
Toby Wendeler – guitar
Marc Bremer – bass
Olli Fuchs – drums

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