Frozen Crown – Winterbane Review

It’s always such a great deal to have the opportunity of review the following album of a band. Two years ago we had the chance of reviewing the band’s powerful release “Crowned in Frost.” These two years made a big difference in the band’s life, if you ask me. It’s possible to notice the evolution within the band and “Winterbane” got much more heavier and got to be less epic that its predecessor. However, the motto don’t mess with success is always valid especially when it comes to a Metal band. Some things in a band are undoubtedly impossible, and undesired, to change as the contrasting sweet voice of vocalist Giada “Jade” Etro with the striking and groundshaking guitars which is still there. The singalong, and catchy gluey, choruses are still there a well and, if I may, those are the best things in the band.

The fan will notice these changes right on the first track “Embrace the Night” with the flamming guitars and the majestic interpretation of vocalist Giada “Jade” Etro who is something else in the band – Have I mentioned that I love female vocals? Hum, not this month. The track is powerfull as the winter the band loves to tell and will keep the fan frozen and stick to it. Its following track “Towards the Sun” brings back the classic Heavy Metal riffing that bright the eyes of the fan. Its initial riff reminds a bit classic Saxon’s “Princess of the Night” which by the way shows that the band has completely learned the lesson. As I mentioned it “Winterbane” has much more classic Metal touches and layers with the well-known sharp guitars. As many of Power Metal oriented peers, Frozen Crown drumming is as impressive as a powerhouse of beats. Drummer Niso Tomasini does his job very well and spanks its instruments with all the strength and speed he gets. The point is that he is able to stop a little when it’s needed varying his technique and giving the songs the needed strength and rhythm variety. This allows the songs to sound different from each other and not having that “I’ve already heard that” feeling. Ah, almost forgot. The band did a pretty decent cover of Judas Priest classic “Night Crowler” giving it its own touch and still respecting the main lines of the song.

Many may say Frozen Crown are a social media band due to its strong presence in all social media vehicles. That’s partially the truth. The band does have a strong presence in social media, however that in no way give the band a bad name. On the contrary, from where I’m standing this is the way things are done today. It’s an undeniable fact of modern life. So sorry about that but “Winterbane” is such a great album to be judged only for its presence on social media. Listen to “Winterbane” with your heart open.

Frozen Crown “Winterbane” was released on April 23rd via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Embrace the Night
  2. Towards the Sun
  3. Far Beyond
  4. The Lone Stranger
  5. Crown Eternal
  6. The Water Dancer
  7. Angels in Disguise
  8. Night Crowler
  9. Tales of the Forest
  10. Blood on the Snow

Watch “Far Beyond” official video here: