How to Master App Developer Skills with Microsoft 70-487 Test and Exam Dumps?


Application developers compose a critical part of every successful business due to the need of enterprises to reach out and remain in contact with their customers. With this aim, the usage of mobile phones and web apps has risen astronomically over recent years. This means that no business can afford to miss such exiting opportunities like covering a broader scope of users to deliver the products.

What does this entail for you as for an aspiring app and web services developer? It means the time has come to acquire essential skills preparing you for such enriching opportunities. So, struggle to pass the Microsoft 3. PrepAway exam that is designed to help you do just that. This post is here to help you understand the peculiarities of this test and how it can help you get the needed skills.

Crucial Facts about Microsoft 70-487 Exam

Here, the target of this assessment is testing your developer aptitudes. It validates your capability to design as well as develop web-based solutions using Microsoft.NET core architecture and Microsoft 2017 Visual Studio. Striving candidates will be thus earning a certification in MCSD: App Builder by passing this 70-487 test that concentrates on Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services.

Moreover, this is one of three exams available for this developer credential listing the other two exams as 70-486 and 70-357. Now, your choice will stand in selecting and passing only one of them to get the credential.

Keep note that applicants for this exam must have previously earned any of two accepted credentials. They need to have either MCSA: Universal Windows Platform or MCSA: Web Application to be allowed for the test.

How Does Exam 70-487 Help You Build App Developer Skills?

So, you have to study and train well before attempting exam 70-487. This means there are topics you’re required to qualitatively review before attempting this test. The topics and concepts outlined below will give you an idea of what will be most likely to be included in the exam.

As you study the concepts, you’ll be able to acquire skills needed for the assessment of your understanding of Web API and Azure solutions. You’ll also require the knowledge and skills as you execute relevant tasks in an actual world-based scenario.

By getting the required marks in the exam, contesters will prove mastery of the following technical concepts and capacities obtained:

  • Design and development of web applications to access varied data and services, comprising Windows Azure
  • Complete lifecycle of data as well as service solutions for software development
  • Ability to develop and deploy multi-layered environments that include Windows Azure
  • Ability to design and develop asynchronous solutions
  • Ability to create and consume HTTP services

Having efficiently mastered these skills ensures you’re on the right track in your developer career. Provided passing exam 70-487, you’ll be able to grasp jobs like software developer, mobile app developer, and Android developer. These are prolific specialties that attract an average annual pay of $107,000 up, as reported by

What Web Resources Can You Use to Prepare for Exam 70-487?

To ensure you gain the right knowledge and acquire the right skills, you need to choose study resources for your exam 70-487 wisely. If you make a mistake by capturing invalid materials, chances of you passing the exam will become slim.

The online world is replete with advice and suggestions on what you can do to prepare for the test. However, you need to tread carefully. It would be a wise decision to first establish the exam objectives before taking the step of searching for the resources. Which are best for studying for exam 70-487? Let’s check out here.

1. Online Preparation

Well, online learning tracks for the exam are helpful as they’re easy to access at any time and from any place you want. It’s possible to come across free exam 70-487 online courses that will help you master the test objectives. Here, Building Your Azure Skills Toolkit is one such preparation tool.

2. Instructor-Led Course for Exam 70-487

Enjoy highly productive training sessions by taking instructor-led courses. Like this, Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services test enables you to acquire the app developer know-how you required to have. The course is available on-demand or through classroom training. Through it, you’ll be able to access in-depth topics’ coverage, hands-on labs, and other learning content.

3. Exam 70-487 Study Guide

If you prefer to study using written manuals and guides, then you may want to acquire a book to use. The official Exam Reference for 70-487 test is a valid study guide you can use to help you grasp the important knowledge to gain your MCSD badge. Remember, you can get the publication on Microsoft Press and Amazon.

4. Exam Dumps

It’s common knowledge that preparing for an exam without testing yourself on the essential materials may not be helpful. For your benefit, great exam dumps for the Microsoft 70-487 exam have beenmade available for free by ExamSnap. These 70-487 test’s questions and answers are very useful in ensuring you test the readiness for the exam. And wait, there’s more!

Reliable exam dumps from 70-487 Premium Bundle ensure you’ll understand the expectations for the test since they’re carefully designed by subject experts in a setting that resembles the real assessment. When this happens, you can capture a valid position to know the nature of your Microsoft 70-487 exam you’re preparing for.

You should also know that exam dumps can be taken as many times as needed to ensure your mastery of the test objectives, making it one of the best study tools for your preparation. Lastly,the ExamSnap website offers candidates its well-elaborated VCE Player to run questions and answers for 70-487 test without a hitch!

5. Video Courses

Ultimately, you can learn the exam topics by watching exam 70-487 training courses offered by both the vendor and the ExamSnap website. The good thing about videos is that it’s possible to rewind sections of the training that you haven’t understood. Try on the Microsoft Certification PREP Talk for Exam 487, and also the ExamSnap’s video course 70-487: MCSD Developing Windows Azure and Web Services which is delivered in 6 modules.

These highlighted materials will enable you having everything required for the test at your fingertips.


App developers are some of the highest-paid and most promising professionals in IT. That’s why you need to pass the Microsoft exam 70-487 leading to the acquisition of the MCSD: App Builder badge if you’re serious about getting this well-paying job.

In addition to the good salary, the exam will contribute to developing your skills and making you noticed by employers around you, so get ready for great opportunities today by doing all it takes with exam dumps!