HUSHLAW Play With ‘Fire’

“Fire” is Hushlaw’s second record. The band had been working on it for over a year, and after their previous guitar player left the band, the guys had to adapt th changes when guitarist Mon joined them.  Recording has not been a lot of hard work for the lads, ad they all play what they like the most, and the work seems to be get done by itself in this natural way. This record has good songs, it’s a mixture of styles that makes it the opposite to boring, there are eight songs, a little more than half an hour of music.

The songs are up-tempo rock and roll. “Fire” is a new start for Hushlaw, and after the change in the line-up, the music is harder, and the guys have changed their sound, equalisation and so on in order to take it where the riffs and melodies led it. On “Fire” Hushlaw are instrumentally more balanced, they tell stories and tales through the lyrics, and they deal with sensitive issues such as bullying, and in other songs they write about themselves, and the bands own experiences. The album is about topics which people can identify with, It sounds solid, no one song stands out above the rest, unless there is
a solo.

The album was released on August the 30th, in both physical and digital formats. It’s in mp3 format, although it’s a more compressed audio, the lads thought it was going to be easier for people to take it on their cell phones and all the new technologies.

The physical CD is a small edition, imitating a small vinyl record, quite charming and nostalgia awakening, and the lads are well proud of their wok and to finally have a CD.
There’s not much to say about the digital format, it’s in every platform such as ITunes, Spotify, Amazon music, Google Play, Dezeer, and “Fire” has also been uploaded to Youtube. Hushlaw wanted to make sure that their record was almost everywhere for maximum exposure

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