Legendry – Time Immortal Wept Review

This is the third Legendry album we have the honor to review. “Time Immortal Wept” hides some details from its predecessors 2017’s “Dungeon Calling” and 2021’s “Mists of Time” reissue. Ok, the band still goes on with their lyrical inspiration, however, the music in here changed a little. Legendry left aside some of the epic musical content of the previous albums to get even more 1970’s inspired, and, due to that, even more influenced by 1970’s Prog Rock and Heavy Rock. Two bands outstand as major influences for the album. They are Marillion and Uriah Heep. Marillion due to vocalist Vidarr the Silent’s voice whose tone reminds a lot Fish’s. But a lot. It’s something like Marillion decided to be Metal in a sudden. Album warmer “The Bard’s Tale” gives the fan this impression. The same happens to “The Prophecy” whose instrumentals do address to Marillion a lot in its initial moments to then heavy it up to get some Uriah Heep mood. It’s the guitars in the background and the chorus that give this feeling. The flutes give it a very 1970’s Prog Rock atmosphere. In a nutshell, in “Time Immortal Wept” Legendry stir so many more influences in the cauldron than in the previous albums.

“Time Immortal Wept” is an album of finesse and some musical delicacy. The band here notably wanted a more intimistic album closer to the finesse of the 1970’s and the grip of the 1980’s. “Warrior of Space and Time” gives this impression as a faster song though with some finesse. This track gets a little bit peculiar because it does have the band’s signature. It’s every band’s dream to achieve this. Legendry did get it. Following track and opening the Part II of the album comes “The Winds Between Worlds” with that epic sound that the band made its own. It’s short and works as a bridge to the Uriah Heep’s keyboarding inspired “Chariots of Bedlam” though with much heavier guitars and drumming. Add to the mix some Manowar inspiration to “The Bard’s Reverie” and the dough is almost done. Grand finale is the long Prog Rock inspired tittle track “Time Immortal Wept” whose flutes and bell sounds give the tone. There is some Celtic influence in the acoustic guitars and mandolins giving the song a pretty delicate sound. These initial intro sounds are the influences that made the album so different from the others. Then, the track speeds up and gets heavier. Once again it’s time to listen to Legendry’s signature. The track is a pure product of the band.

Here we get a band that slowly is building its own signature. “Time Immortal Wept” is the album that takes Legendry to this level.

Legendry “Time Immortal Wept” will be released on October 27th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

Part I

  1. The Bard’s Tale
  2. Sigil Strider
  3. The Prophecy
  4. Warrior of Space and Time

Part II

5. The Winds Between Worlds
6. Chariots of Bedlam
7. The Bard’s Reverie
8. Time Immortal Wept

Watch “Sigil Strider” official lyric video here: