Night Demon – Live Darkness

Alive albums were a kind of stapler in the good old days. A type of grounbreaking step to a band. Kiss, for instance, got famous because of their “Alive I.” For such a demanding crowd as headbangers, it was a way to prove that the band could really play their instruments with some level of accuracy. Of course, there were some hoaxes as Ozzy’s “Speak of the Devil” due to its famous overdubs and acting. Kiss were also accused of the famous, and infamous, overdubbing. But there is no way of denying their important role in a band’s career as a mandatory step to stardom (who knows?). I do miss them as they are not that mandatory these days. This Night Demon “Live Darkness” is only the third I received in two years of reviewing.

I had the pleasure to review Night Demon’s last effort, “Darkness Remains” which entitled them to one of the most vigorous band of this new NWOBHM scene. Read our review here. Alive albums are a huge oportunity to show the world band’s mastery and the contact with their fans. Some may think it was too soon, “Darkness Remains” is only their second effort, but who can tell these days? This weird superstructure is killing everyone. Well, nevermind.

“Live Darkness” is a triple (?!?) CD which covers all their short career. And the band did it good. All songs are played nicely with a great response from the crowd. I personally liked very much the art cover. It brings back some dear memories, and, of course, represents very well the spirit of the band. A special highlight to “Heavy Metal Heat” and its crowd response. Live pics do the job so much better. I just love them. “Live Darkness” caps off very well all Night Demon’s energy and sweat. A very good summer present to yourself.

Night Demon “Live Darkness” will be released on August 10th via SPV / Steamhammer Records.

Track Listing:


  1. Welcome to the Night
  2. Full Speed Ahead
  3. Ritual
  4. Curse Of The Damned
  5. Dawn Rider
  6. Save Me Now
  7. Hallowed Ground
  8. Maiden Hell
  9. Mastermind
  10. On Your Own

Life on the Run


  1. The Howling Man
  2. Black Widow
  3. Ancient Evil
  4. Satan
  5. Evil Like a Knife
  6. Stranger in the Room
  7. Screams in the Night
  8. Flight of the Manticore
  9. The Chalice
  10. Darkness Remains
  11. Heavy Metal Heat
  12. Night Demon

Watch “Life on the Run” official video here: