OMEGA POINT Try To Reach Out To ‘Isolation’

OMEGA POINT are the studio project of YouTube Guitarist RISTRIDI.
With OMEGA POINT, RISTRIDI invites musicians from different genres to join him in creating a new and versatile listening experience.
In the process of producing the project’s first album “The Descent,” he has gathered musicians from local Metal and Rock Bands like Battlecreek, Sektor, Sadistic Sacrament and Counterclockwise, resulting in stylistic diversity ranging from Progressive to Melodic Black Metal and Thrash Metal.
The lyrics, written by various artists participating in the project, share a certain morbid nature but don’t tell an elaborate story. Emerging from an emotional crisis, the dark themes of this album represent profound struggles with life that needed to be expressed.

The project’s second album “Isolation” could be described as a Progressive Metal concept album only moderately influenced by Melodic Black Metal. It conveys a rather awakening but also destructive feeling capturing the mourning process following personal loss.
Especially the lyrics written and devised by Maximilian Birkl this time fall into place to form a progressing storyline asking us to accompany a mourning protagonist after the loss of his best friend. Confronted with death, he is unable to cope with the grief, anger and pain leading into depression and finally complete isolation.
Having programmed the drums on the first album himself, RISTRIDI decided to reach out to American drummer Chris Dovas this time. Chris is known for his work in the Symphonic Metal Band Seven Spires. With real drums, Chris adds a completely new dynamic to the music making for an aggressive and energetic listening experience.
The phrasing and vocal melodies were worked out in collaboration with Maximilian Birkl and Jonathan Rittirsch of Counterclockwise.
Jonathan, who already sang two of the songs on the first album now sings on every song. With his powerful voice and his melodic, lively interpretation of the words he noticeably changed the style of the album. The polyphonic choruses and choirs in multiple songs have a striking effect on the songs’ atmospheres and give the album its unique character.

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