PLAGUE THROAT Live In A ‘Evolutionay Impasse’

Plague Throat is one of Indian sub-continent’s well known Death Metal bands. Right from their inception in 2008 till this day; they have been blessed with a celebrated career. Hailing from the city of Shillong; the band has supported bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Psycroptic, Dying Fetus, Funerus, Dawn of Demise to name a few.

The band’s latest offering “Evolutionary Impasse should come as no surprise as it stands as a solid progression from the previous release that came in the form of “The Human Paradox.” “Evolutionary Impasse promises to be intense and carries a gargantuan personality. Each track in this record has been proficiently crafted to provide listeners a taste of Death Metal in their own flavour with great technicality and brutality with a stroke of perfection.

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