PSYCHO TOASTER Release ‘Psycho Toaster;’ What The Heck Is Psycho Toaster?

Psycho Toaster? What the heck is Psycho Toaster? We can tell you. Austria’s heaviest stoner rock band. Heavy riffs, bluesy solos & thundering drums – three ingredients making up the toast, ready to be toasted by a power trio, which is pushing it right up through the rooftop. Konstantin Gober (Git/Vocals), Matthias Traupmann (Bass) & Martin Hasler (Drums) do like to eat toast very much and are rocking together since 2013. Make sure to be ready once you heed the battle call: “Let’s get toasted!”

Psycho Toaster were founded 2013 by Konstantin Gober (Git/Vox), Matthias Traupmann (Bass) and Martin Hasler (Drums). In summer of 2013, Konstantin just finished high school and got to know Matthias. Interestingly it took 18 years to get to know each other, although they come from the very same village. Matthias & Martin’s previous band Scorned (Dark Metal) just broke up, and initially, the band was seen as jam-oriented pastime/support group. Some riffs were created, some song structures created. Yet there was no final move to get on stage, as none of the three could sing and no fitting vocalist could be found. In summer 2016, Kristof Koger was seen by Konstantin running around in a Fu Manchu shirt at an Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats show. A few beers & weeks later, Kristof joined the jam sessions. First songs were finalized, the sound of the band became heavier. Konstantin started to take over vocals & the motivation was rising, leading to their first live gig at a biker festival in 2017. Several self-organized gigs followed, giving the group the possibility to collect stage experience.

Due to some differences on how the band shall move on, Kristof left Psycho Toaster in the beginning of 2018, which did not mean the end to the band. Moving on as power-trio, they took the chance to play as support act for Hellhookah, further on scoring a 2nd place on a local band contest. Gaining some attention from the band contest, they got the opportunity to play a show in front of 1000 people as well as their first open air gigs. 2018 was the proof that the band could persist as power-trio, as it was confirmed by a rising numbers of fans & supporters.

In fact, concert attendees were flattered, yet there was one thing they had to criticize: “where the hack is your album?” – That critics had been taken to heart. 2019, the start to manifest themselves was triggered. Whilst trying to keep up with live performances – support act for She Loves Pablo, shows at local rock festivals & again a 2nd place at a band contest – the band spent 2 weeks of recording at WUK Studios Vienna, 3 days of video-shootings & endless hours of rehearsing, which should lay a foundation stone to a successful 2020.

Beginning of 2020, the first two singles “Toasted” & “The King” have been released with corresponding music videos, which have brought a lot of positive feedback by critics. The album was released on Friday, 13th of March 2020. Their declared goal is to finish 2020 with an extensive Europe-tour, further on to become a well-known name in the scene. Let’s get toasted!

Band Line-Up:
Konstantin Gober – Vocals & Guitar
Matthias Traupmann – Bass
Martin Hasler – Drums

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