Rock Twice are a new classic rock band, founded in September 2018 and set up of five well-known musicians from Berlin. Their music brings back the time of rock, a time when rock was more than just music, more than just a song in the chart lists. It was a feeling of wildness, a feeling of freedom, an important statement, a vision of life.

Gina Johnson, the female singer of the band, demonstrates pure energy on stage, enticing the audience with her soulful, energetic and strong voice. She incorporates wildness and freedom, and when she was asked to join the band, she did not hesitate.

N.K. Robin, the keyboard and guitar player is one of the major composers of the songs on the album. He is very creative, and because creativity starts off with a vision and needs room and space to move around, he built his own keytar to help him express his wildness.

Ulli Zett, the guitar player and vocalist, is probably the most experienced of all and ingested the grooves and vibes of the time. The statements he gives with his guitar will be heard.

Marty Priest, the bass player, is an extremely well experienced musician in all styles of rock, and with his instrument seductively pulls you into his sphere of wildness.

Joe G. Farmer, on drums, plays his instrument with pure perfection, keeping the band tight together and pushing the groove into the right direction each song is longing for.

The mixture of styles each musician is experienced in, gives Rock Twice their special character, and that’s why the songs are energetic and diverse, just like the time of rock.

Band Line-Up:

Gina Johnson – vocals,
N.K. Robin – keytar/ keyboards/ guitar/vocals,
Ulli Zett – guitars/vocals,
Marty Priest – bass,
Joe G. Farmer – drums/vocals

Juliane Herzig – Cello
Philipp Schorpp – Lute
Angela Sedlmaier – Backing Voc
Heike Berndt – Backing Voc

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