SECOND LINE PARADE Feel That ‘There’s a Presence Here’

Second Line Parade are a powerful Gothabilly Rockablues band…yes, Gothabilly Rockablues… because it can’t be explained any other way. Formed in 2014, Second Line Parade have seen a lot of growth and many members have come and gone. What remains is the writing of frontwoman, Stef Nicholson (guitar/vocals) that propels the band forward. What started initially as a two- piece brother/ sister duo jamming in a basement has morphed into a 6-piece force to be reckoned with.
Second Line Parade’s new album, “There’s a Presence Here” was created as a collaboration between some of Stef’s nearest and dearest. Recorded and produced by her partner, Brett Waye, “There’s a Presence Here…” boasts the talents of the longest running members of the band, Hunter Stanway (bass), Spencer Clerk (drums), Jason Keddy (keys) as well as Stef’s talented friends featured on backing vocals, reggae empress, Jah’Mila, Kristine Kovacevic, Jaime Lowe and Celtic Phenom, Rosie MacKenzie on ‘Midnight Scry’ featuring her psychedelic fiddle playing. Many featured performers on the album are world class talents that have since gone on to pursue new opportunities, but Second Line Parade is still going strong with their tight live band, featuring the album’s engineer and producer, Brett Waye (bass), Rob Rushton (drums), Jason Keddy (keys), Natasha Leforte (backing vocals) and Wendy Martin (backing vocals).

Heavily influenced by old school country, rockabilly, soul, blues and jazz artists of the Deep South, Second Line Parade follow in the path of their southern predecessors. They conjure up a vintage sound that channels the ghosts and hobos you might find along the banks of the Mississippi.

Although she grew up in Nova Scotia, Stef feels as if she had a past life in New Orleans. The raw, primal grit this band produces echoes the flood damaged city streets and rusty wrought iron gates that creak in the ghostly breeze that haunts New Orleans. They aim to make you feel uncomfortable with their songs laden with dissonance, harkening back to the eerie sounds of New Orleans Jazz. Heavy riffs with an eerie Americana writing style take the listener on an exploration of the darker side of life. They are aiming for a visceral reaction and are sure to chill you to the bone and all the while warm your soul with a classic southern sound.

Line-up (album):
Stefanie Nicholson – guitar/lead vocals/harmonica/tambourine/backing vocals
Hunter Stanway- bass guitar
Spencer Clerk – drums
Jason Keddy – keys
Rosie Mackenzie – fiddle/ backing vocals
Jah’Mila – backing vocals
Kristine Kovacevic – backing vocals
Jaime Lowe – backing vocals
Brett Waye – backing vocals

Current Band Lineup:
Since recording, some members of Second Line Parade have gone on to persue other interests. The current lineup for live shows is:
Stefanie Nicholson – guitar/lead vocals/harmonica/tambourine/backing vocals
Brett Waye – bass guitar
Rob Rushton– drums
Jason Keddy – keys
Wendy Martin– backing vocals
Natasha LeForte– backing vocals

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