SHADE OF MEMORIES Foresee the ‘Glaciers of Tomorrow’

Shade of Memories were finally named and had been manifested into a Great Metal sound , back in the year 2013 by a man named… “Jay R. Pratt” (Myself) and I continue the Shade Of Memories project as a solo outfit to this day, in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington State in the USA. The projects Heavy Metal Sound is combined with a progressive drive that influences the music. The main sound is: Guitars, Drums, Bass Guitars, and Vocals. The sounds are created in variations and with my intention to fill the room. It focuses on a melodic approach, However, Shade of Memories are considered an experimental project, including relatively long intro ’s and outgo ’s with symphonic texture’s and overtures. Inclusions of acoustic guitars and other world instruments and sounds are on the up and coming horizon’s although this project is still Heavily focused on the Metal side for the time being.

I feel that I am influenced very much by the musicians and performers I list here in example: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Running Wild, Dragonforce, Nightwish , etc., and many others in the same genre, and My vocals blend between the raspy textures, into the clean tones! I feel that when I am asked the question, ”Who is your favorite band?” I often say, “I no longer have a favorite”. I think it is due to personal growth and changes. I love all music, although some more than others but obviously Metal Is my favorite Genre and is what I am best at lol.

As I have searched on and off for several years for the right musicians to complete the project lineup, I have still been unsuccessful. Or is that really the case? Perhaps only the beginning really if I were to look at it in the frame of mind that is this the drive… to get off my ass? And finish the first of many of the songs, even if all on my own? So Be it! I continued to write and refine the tunes as even some of them are as old as 2005, such as the tracks for example “Theater Of Infinity,” which may be likely be crazy old as the year 2004 even. As life always had gotten in the way slowing the progression of this project, such as getting into other music projects or just dealing with life, I continued on the same path and slowly working on these songs little by little “on my own” and in which I am about to talk about them briefly as a whole in the album “Glaciers OF Tomorrow” description…all in correlation of my continuing life in this world and on the journey that is involving and ever evolving in my musicianship and also what someone had said to me one once ”jay!..make noise that matters! , I like to add that I took their advice… and I can say that Shade OF Memories is..Noise That Matters for In My First Album that is called “Glaciers of Tomorrow.”

Band Line-up:
Jay Randall Pratt: Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars, bass Guitars, Drums

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