SIRAKH Had a ‘Crisis of Faith’

Sirakh are outsiders in their cold hometown of Oulu, Finland; which is best known for it’s active death/thrash metal scene.
Mixing hard rock and/or heavy metal with post-punk/goth rock vibes

Sirakh calls their genre “Dark Alternative” simply because rock fans think it’s too heavy, metal fans call it “pussy music” and goths never accept anything post-1985 in their ranks anyway.

With their new album dubbed “Crisis of Faith,” Sirakh promise to show the world what they’re made of by introducing it to Dark Alternative, guided by the band’s sheer musical talent and technical virtuosity.

Band Line-up:

Marina Trench – Lead Vocals
Padre Mortis – Vocals
Nikki Angelus – Guitar
Zachary T. – Bass
Dr. D. Bonefield – Drums

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