Slithering Decay – Aeons Untold Review

I just love when album is kicked off with a blasting guitar solo in the middle of a sonic chaos of Metal mayhem. There’s nothing more 1980s Extreme Metal than this if you ask me. There’s an untold rule of Metal music that if an album starts too good, it sure finishes better yet. No, wait a minute, there are no rules in Metal music – I wish… Well, in fact, I’ve just made it up, but it fits pretty well to “Aeons Untold.” The more I listen to it, the more I like it and its frentic and energetic music. An album to headbang all the time.

In general I don’t like albums with that opaque guitar sound. From where I’m standing it fits guitarists that desire to hide their disability in playing the instrument in a way that everyone can understand and llisten what they play. It’s in no way the case here. The guitars do have an opaque sonancy but it’s more because of the kind of distortion pedal chosen than anything else. On the contrary, it doesn’t hide the guitars; instead, it gives more charm to it highlighting the guitar playing. And adds up to the musical chaos Slithering Decay desire to deliver the fan. And chaos is the key word here. The 1980s oriented Death Metal the band perform here is a perfect combination of agression and energy and power. Sometimes bands are too agressive, but their music doesn’t have the power Metal needs. Others do have the power but lacks energy. No doubt Slithering Decay have the three.

Thinking on it, it’s amazing how the band fits the title of the songs with their sonancy. The perfect match though is opening track “Metaphysical Iconoclasm” with its chaos and mayhem through killer guitar riffing and hypnotic and mesmerizing rhythm. By the way, is “Aeons Untold” the album of insane and killer rhythms and dazzling cadences. It’s noticeable here that the band’s option was on energy than anything else. “Aeons Untold” catalyzes tons of energy into music. My fan here may never forget that Metal music is always the intent of being about energy and power. Slithering Decay perfectly captured the energy and power of early Extreme Metal and took it to another level of existence. It’s not only the punding drumming but also the guitars and the bass. I guess that mostly the bass that gives this frentic pulsation to songs. The opening riffin of “Bloodstained Tears” tells a lot about this.

The ten tracks of “Aeons Untold” gives the fan no time to even breath. To me the album is worth just for this. However, there are many more things that may attracted the fan to it. It’s undeniable that Slithering Decay found their personality here. In a nutshell, “Aeons Untold” is a synonym of great tons of immense power.

Slithering Decay “Aeons Untold” was released on May 21st via Testimony Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Metaphysical Iconoclasm
  2. Bloodstained Tears
  3. Orgy of Flesh
  4. Embedded in Hollowness
  5. Internal Dismay
  6. Psychotic Ecstasy
  7. Verminous Flood
  8. Resurrected in Chaos
  9. Doomsday Prayer
  10. Blood Unforeseen

Watch “Metaphysical Iconoclasm” official single premiere here: