SOLE SYNDICATE Are ‘Into the Flames’

Bridging the gap between traditional European roots and modern American sounds, Sole Syndicate knows well the secret of all the greatest, past’n’present-hard’n’heavy bands: every song counts.

‘Into the Flames’ is a darker and heavier record than its predecessor (the brilliant 2020 classic hard rock affair ‘Last Days of Eden’): earthquaking riffs & tasty solos, roaring vocals, some great melodies and a thunderous rhythmic background represent the foundation of each track.

The lyrical theme of the album is quite gloomy and leads the listener on a journey into the human mind, taking pulse on everyday life. Sole Syndicate is not a political band, but they are not afraid to write and sing about the state of things – war, mental health, environment and social injustices.

‘Into the Flames’ is the raucous and entertaining soundtrack of this crazy world of ours.

Jonas Månsson – vocals and guitar
Katja Rasila – keyboards and vocals
David Gustafsson – bass and vocals
Henrik Zetterlund – drums

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