SUNRUNNER Tell the ‘Secret Arts of Navigation’

Sunrunner began jamming in 2007 when Joe Martignetti(guitar), Frank Navarro (bass) we’re studying jazz in Augusta Maine. Ted MacInnes(drums) would come up from Boston to jam with us. David Joy (vocals) joined us in 2008. The name Sunrunner was coined in 2009 and a demo was made.
The early years were more musically experimental. The first album ‘Eyes of The Master’ was released August 2011. It was very progressive, and was not very heavy. There was a lot of acoustics, some jazzy bits, flute, violin, female vocals, all kinds of things were going on.
So, after realizing the first offering was a bit too progressive and light, the focus began to shift. The second album ‘Time In Stone’ 2013 was the transition record. More heavy metal riffs. Also, the production was more seventies rooted, thanks to longtime producer, Todd Hutchisen at Acadia Recording Company in Portland Maine.Jim Martignetti also jumped into the producing seat, mixing the album as well as recording all the vocals and overdubs at Off The Wall Studios in Massachusetts. Doug Porter (Confusatron, Covered In Bees), joined as second guitarist adding plenty of harmonies. Artist Jan Barlow joined the team and has painted by hand every album cover since.
2014, the transitioning continued as Frank Navarro decided he couldn’t perform anymore, but would take a back seat in the writing department.  So David Joy switched from lead vocals to bass guitar, which was his main instrument since birth, and the whole band sang on different songs. Erik Neilson joined the band as a multi-instrumentalist. Playing baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar synth pedals and sang harmonies. Adding an almost keyboard like atmosphere with his pedals and unique shoegaze/ David Gilmour style of playing. In 2015, ‘Heliodromus’ was recorded and released by the new 6 piece.
After some shows in 2105, Doug and Erik parted ways. The 6 piece in the studio became a 3 piece overnight. But the band still hit the road in 2016 and went to South America. There in Brazil, a relationship began with ElitonTomasi and Susi dos Santos of Som do Darma, who put on the Brazilian tour. In 2017, Som Do Darma found the current lead singer, Bruno Neves from Frutal in the state of Minas Gerais. Bruno added his gritty power metal style vocals to the sound.
2018’s ‘Ancient Art Of Survival’ saw an easing up on the progressive side of the music and an increase of good old fashioned classic heavy metal. As usual, drums, bass and guitars recorded live at Acadia Recording. Bruno recorded his vocals at Stone Studio in Frutal. And all the overdubs were done by Jim. Who also mixed the album. After a short tour of Europe, the band returned to the U.S. eager to record the next one.
March 2020, the band called Marcus Jidell of Avatarium. His production of the latest Candlemass records not only earned him a Grammy, the band was also a fan of his ability to combine the metal sounds of the past and today. He flew to Maine to record the live tracks for the new recorded. After the session, he flew back to his homeland in Sweden just before the pandemic became serious. Bruno again, recorded his stuff in Brazil and overdubs were done by Jim at his new location in New Hampshire.
2021 the album was finally finished and Marcus mixed the whole thing. Because of the pandemic, no shows were planned. And after some other delays, the album finally was released March 11th 2022. Titled ‘Sacred Arts Of Navigation.’ Almost like a second part to the previous record, but not officially.

Band Line-Up:
Joe Martignetti – electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, bouzouki
Ted MacInnes – drums, percussion, vocals
David Joy – bass guitar, vocals
Bruno Neves – lead vocals

‘Eyes Of The Master’ 2011
‘Time In Stone’ 2013
‘Heliodromus’ 2015
‘Ancient Arts Of Survival’ 2018
‘Sacred Arts Of Navigation’ 2022

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