Formed in mid-2011 by the brothers Willian (Bass and Vocals) and Wilton Vieira (Drums), focusing on Thrash Metal, TORTURIZER had as main influence Sepultura and Slayer. Initially a trio with guitarist Bruno Ribeiro, who left shortly after. They even performed at an event with covers, where Willian took over the guitars and vocals, and featured Cleudyson on bass.
In 2013 they became a quartet with the guitarists Hugo Santos and Luís Baldez, and with this formation they created their first compositions (“Death Lights,” “Human Collector,” “The Pain Has Just Begun,” “Torture Machine”), with a fast-paced sound, and lyrics approaching themes such as terror, murders, serial killers, among other extreme things of human psychology.
Willian had a rupture in a ligament in his right shoulder in 2014, when he underwent surgery, and as a result, his hand movements were impaired, causing TORTURIZER a long break and resuming activities in 2015, and shortly after, due to differences of ideas, Hugo left the band, causing another long pause. Returning in 2016, now as a trio, with some reformulations in their songs, and adding more heavyness and speed in the new compositions, but with the same initial theme, but following as a trio with Willian (bass and vocals), Luís (guitar), and Wilton (drums).
In September 2016 the band released their first EP, titled “Faceless,” with six tracks and an ‘intro’, presenting the public with the band’s strong identity, with violent strings, heavy vocals and striking blast-beats, the trio runs on the traits of Thrash/Death Metal. In September 2017, the fold released the lyric video for the single “SlaughterHouse.”
In the second half of 2018, TORTURIZER went through a short hiatus due to the departure of guitarist Luís Baldez who came back in the following year to his post and along with him guitarist Luke Hellstrvm walked in, returning to the formation of a quartet and leaving the sound more energetic and heavy.
In 2021 the band celebrated their 10th anniversary by recording their next material, called “Dissect,” an EP that has 4 songs which showcased all the strength and brutality present in these 10 years of career. “Dissect” is the successor to “Faceless” and will be officially released in 2022 due to problems arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

William Vieira – Bass and Vocals

Wilton Vieira – Drums

Luis Baldez – Guitar

Luke Hellstrvm – Guitar

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