VINGULMORK Release ‘Avgrunn’

Norwegians VINGULMORK light it up with a brand new, aggressive blackened metal onslaught!
“Avgrunn” is an uncompromising 4 song EP that takes the band’s signature of contrasting brutality, speed and melody to a new level. After the great reception of their 2015 debut “Chiaroscuro,” the band decided to crank it up a notch and write even heavier, faster and aggressive songs for the next release. “Avgrunn” will be available on all streaming platforms, CD Digipack and a limited run of 10-inch vinyl on June 1st. Prepare.
VINGULMORK play aggressive metal. The band started in 2013 and has delivered intense shows, released well-received EPs and albums and basically had a good time ever since. In 2019 the band will release another EP and focus on playing more concerts than ever – with an appearance at the Inferno Metal Festival as the highlight. VINGULMORK have often been compared to bands like Dissection and Old Man’s Child, with a strong emphasis on the contrast between melody and aggression.

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