VOJD and “Behind The Frame” Will Be On Through The Night

With “Goin’ Under” and “Shadowline” the Swedish band BLACK TRIP had released two classic Metal albums to great critical acclaim. When drummer Jonas Wikstrand was replaced by Anders Bentell, the band, now consisting of Joseph Tholl (vocals and bass), Peter Stjärnvind (guitar)
and Linus Björklund (guitar), decided to make a new start by changing their name to VOJD.
Vocalist Joseph Toll explains:

“ With the new line-up and the new material we felt that we wanted to start a new chapter in a way. I still see the upcoming album as the third album, a follow up to BLACK TRIP’s “Shadowline,” though this new one contains a lot of stuff we haven’t tried before. The significant elements of BLACK TRIP are recurring throughout the album, though the variety between the songs are much broader this time, in all directions. We had a bunch of options and decided to go with High Roller Records.”

Before their debut album (or the third record, depending on how you classify VOJD in relation to its predecessor BLACK TRIP), a 7” single containing two exclusive non-album tracks will be issued via High Roller Records featuring “Behind The Frame” and “Funeral Empire.” Joseph Toll spares a few words:

‘Behind The Frame’ was the last song we wrote and it was intended to be part of the album. However, as we decided to make an external single, we thought this song would be great as the A-side. The B-side ‘Funeral Empire’ is a cover of a band called Tempest. These two songs are totally exclusive.”

According to the band’s vocalist, VOJD is a much more serious proposition than BLACK TRIP ever was: “I’d say it’s a bit more focused now. It’s definitely no side project. We want to play live more on this album than we’ve done on the previous ones.”


Side A) Behind The Frame (3:35)
Side B) Funeral Empire (4:03)

Peter Stjärnvind – Lead guitar
Joseph Tholl – Bass and lead vocals
Linus Björklund – Lead guitar
Anders Bentell – Drums and percussion

Vojd and “Behind The Frame” will be on through the night on December 8th via High Roller Records.

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