Kerrigan – Bloodmoon Review

It’s albums as “Bloodmoon” that makes us believe Metal music is some kind of art. First band that came to my mind listening to album warmer “Eternal Fire” was the great Andre Matos’ Viper from “Soldiers of Sunrise” era. After this first song the sonancy goes a little apart from them though. It doesn’t mean it isn’t great because it is.

“Bloodmoon” has intense atmospheres carried out by the melodic twin guitars as in “Against the Westwind” whose 1980’s Pop Rock vocal’s slant gives the song a very interesting facete. Kerrigan manage very well to bounce from tracks as the aforementioned with 1980’s NWOBHM driven tracks as “Forces of Night” whose strength makes a great impression. Here again I had the feeling that I was listening to some kind of “Soldiers of Sunrise” sequence. When I get into this memory lane it’s hard to get me out of it. Metal music has this power of triggering lost and hidden emotions.

To some extent, “Bloodmoon” reminds me of Angel Sword “Rebels Beyond the Pale” which we reviewed in 2016. It’s the same passion for the NWOBHM that forged both bands. It’s so great to listen to the finesse and speed of the guitars of “Pull the Trigger” plus the exciting drumming. It’s interesting to notice that the long “Mesmerizer” has the same 1980’s Pop Rock vocals slant that gives the song the same interesting facete of “Against the Westwind.”

I guess that the more Kerrigan try to get away from the 1980’s music influences, the more they get into it. “Bloodmoon” is so 1980’s music drenched that it makes it unthinkable to wonder it to be recorded now. That’s the power of a true homage even though I don’t think the album is a simple homage. It’s more than that because its music is so organic and natural.

Kerrigan  “Bloodmoon” will be released on September 22nd via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Eternal Fire
  2. Bloodmoon
  3. Against the Westwind
  4. Forces of Night
  5. Hold the Banner
  6. Child of Sin
  7. Pull the Trigger
  8. Mesmerizer

Watch “Eternal Fire” official music video here: