RADIOKING Look for ‘Redemption’

Used is the second track out of a nicely stacked fourteen song album. It is every hard-driving, guitar-riffing, and melody lover’s dream. This track has great lyrics, crunching guitar riffs, and a hook that taps the breaks lightly just for caution of a total blowout. The opening track of the album, Turn Away, is a favorite within the band. This song has a nice rounded mix of vocals and guitars intertwining with each other. It’s a very powerful song, both lyrically and musically. It has gotten rave reviews so far based on the feedback and responses.

Formed in late 2005, RadioKing are a bit of both Hard Rock/Metal. Based out of Dallas, Texas, RadioKing consist of members: Alex Collins, Mark Stroface, John Cruz, Jimmy Adcock, and Scott Crawford. The band is on Warped Records, which is the band’s independently owned label since 1998. “Seventh Veil”, the band that we were a part of for almost ten years, stayed together from 1994 until singer Jim Arnett decided to step away and focus on other things in 2003. After Seventh Veil came to an end, the remaining four members decided to continue on and start a new chapter under the name RadioKing. After a few false starts, an unreleased demo, and a handful of shows with friend and vocalist David Thompson, we still felt we hadn’t found the right fit. David’s vocal style wasn’t the right fit for the sound we wanted to achieve. Two years, and about thirty auditions later, we finally found THE guy in Alex Collins. A decade younger than the other members, with no prior band experience. He possessed all the qualities we were looking for in not only a great singer, but a phenomenal lyricist. We began writing together immediately because it was so easy to do together.

It was the rare magic that all bands hope to find. The songs began to take off, and fall in place, like another force was at work. We began doing shows in 2005, which quickly built momentum, and had got the band working towards their debut album. Just prior to finishing all the music tracks in the studio in 2007, as we were preparing to record the vocals, we were faced with the unfortunate and soul-crushing situation of Alex having to step away from the band. We had no other option other than finding a quick replacement, carry on, and hope that person could perform the songs Alex had written with us. We had to continue with our performance schedule, press on with the planned album release. As much as we wanted to still believe in it, and promote the music, the chemistry had been altered on every level. It was only a matter of time before none of our hearts were in it any longer. The band had more or less lost its passion, and dissolved in 2008.

Fast forward to 2021; Alex, now living in Utah, reached out to us with the proposition of making a musical mends, and re-recording the album with him singing the songs the way they were meant to be done. With all of our busy schedules, and two of the five living in other states, the idea seemed like a far-fetched fantasy. One too monstrous to take on we thought. To our surprise, Scott filled us in on the fact that he still had ALL of the original master WAV files from those recording sessions. With that news, and Alex’s excitement and passion, he purchased a home studio setup. Alex took the reins, and began laying down vocal tracks one after another. Within a few weeks, all of the songs were finished, remixed, and mastered. The end result is every bit of what we had originally hoped for, and envisioned 15 years ago.  Those nine original songs, along with four demos from that period, and one brand new song “Color Fades to Gray.” It is the FIRST BRAND NEW SONG in fifteen years, by all five original members. The song was written, and recorded remotely this past month, to complete the album; RadioKing – Redemption.

Never say never! We can now look back on one of the most creative periods of our musical career, and finally be happy with the results. We are extremely proud of these songs, our musicianship, and the chemistry that clearly remains between us. Hearing them for the first time in a decade and a half, the way they were meant to be performed, fills in a huge gap of musical emptiness we didn’t realize we all still had inside.

The album was engineered and recorded at Tonal Studio in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is released on Warped Records. Music is what brought the band together, and their music is what brings the fans to them.

The early success of the new album will most certainly continue to grow, and introduce new fans to the music and journey of RadioKing. “Redemption” is as edgy and as strong as any album deemed “metal-horns worthy”, but it brings an entirely new level of musicianship, songwriting, and life back into the hard rock genre.

Band Line-Up:
Alex Collins – Vocals
Mark Stroface – Guitars
Jimmy Adcock – Guitars/Mandolin
John Cruz – Bass
Scott Crawford – Drums

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