THERION Releases New Single ‘Ruler of Tamag’

Therion 2023

Genre-defining Swedish symphonic metal icons THERION unleash another masterpiece with their upcoming album, Leviathan III, out December 15, 2023! Today, the legendary unit reveal their second new single, entitled “Ruler of Tamag,” which is a more …

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THERION’s ‘Leviathan II’


With defiant determination rarely found in a metal band, THERION have always and exclusively done what they deemed right. Never did they stick to a successful formula, never did they …

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THERION Were ‘Beyond Sactorum’

One of Swedish Death Metal most sought after albums, and rightfully so! THERION’s relatively unknown beginnings as a “standard” Death Metal band seem to be misunderstood by many Metal listeners. …

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THERION Release ‘Leviathan’

THERION have always been a band that have challenged themselves to explore new paths, while remaining true to their musical core values. For their 17th studio album, mastermind Christofer Johnsson …

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Therion – Leviathan Review

The real deal is always the real deal. Therion with “Leviathan” prove that pioneers know it better. As a matter of fact, the band was one of the first bands …

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