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Jameson Raid – Raiderstronomy Review

That Thin Lizzy are such an iconic and legendary band we all know it. However, I've never had the opportunity of reviewing a band...

Inflabitan – Intrinsic Review

One album, ten tracks and many Metal music conventions broken. This week we've reviewed three Extreme Metal albums in a role. It was a great...
Sinira Everlorn

Sinira – The Everlorn Review

My dear and beloved child of the night may think sometimes I'm a bit redundant because there are things that I keep on writing...

Valdaudr – Drapsdalen Review

At first the fan may think it's a Raw Black Metal band due to unstoppable and resilient pounding of the drums and the acid...

Blitzkrieg – A Time of Changes Review

Blitzkrieg are a band with a history and as you know, my child of the night, I love bands with history. This album "A...