Trick or Treat – Creepy Symphonies Review

Trick or Treat are a band I learned to appreciate. Maybe all the albums we’ve reviewed here 2020’s “The Legend of the XII Saints,” and 2021’s “The Unlocked Songs” which in fact was a compilation. Compilations give us the opportunity to have a glimpse at a band’s career. If not accurate, at least a good glimpse.

“Creepy Symphonies” is an album of new ones where the band does what they better and that is a very Melodic Power Metal that sometimes reminds a lot of Helloween. Little by little I get used to this and I looked for the subtle personal touches of the band. Just for the record there are plenty. To understand Trick or Treat better or deeper, if my dear child of the might prefers, it’s interesting to get a look at the band’s lyrical and imagery contents. The band follows some kind of Helloween influence on both matters though with lots more doses of cynicism and donw to Earth attitude. The band loves to make funny statements regarding to creepy images most of all to Halloween, now the popular party. The tittle “Creepy Symphonies” fits like a glove on the band’s proposal. But I guess the cyniscism on that matter and the down to Earth attitude explain better the band in tracks as “Crazy,” which is about the insane today’s commitement to  be as productive as hell. “Have a Nice Judgement Day” adds some more interesting lines on that. The chorus “I will look through my sunglasses (burn in flames) I will buy a brand new dress (it’’s a judment day)” gives a glimpse on many people’s attitude towards the enviromental catastrophy that will eventually happen to us all. Well, above all, Metal music must have a critical opinion on the planet’s fate. I guess.

Ok, then, and how about the music inside “Creepy Symphonies”? If my dear child of the night knows the band it gets much easier to tell a few lines about the music. Well, it doesn’t change a bit from the previous albums. What many followers of the “change for change’s sake” credo may think it’s a con, I actually think it’s a pro. Don’t mess with success I tell you all. It’s the hard and melodic Power Metal the band has been performing for some time around. From where I’m standing it means attitude or even commitement. As I said before there are lots of personal details in the band that I do appreciate a lot. The quantity of guitar solos is just one of them. “Creepy Symphonies” an album worth it.

P.S.: I guess the fact of the album to be released on April 1st is no coincidence. Well, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Trick or Treat “Creepy Symphonies” will be released on April 01st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Trick or Treat
  2. Creepy Symphony
  3. Have a Nice Judgement Day
  4. Crazy
  5. Peter Pan Syndrome (Keep Alive)
  6. Escape from Reality
  7. Falling over the Rainbow
  8. Queen of Likes
  9. April
  10. The Power of Greyskull

Watch “Creepy Symphonies” official video here: