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I'm just a lucky guy who has chosen metal to live with for a long time. Metal changed my life for good. It made me more confident and stronger. Metalheads are naturally far away from the mass mediocrity and don't accept impostures from anybody else. Metal is more than music, it's a life changing oportunity!

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This review goes to the ones that love purely instrumental acoustic albums with a spanish guitar touch. First thing that came to my mind...
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Eremit – Bearer of Many Names Review

     German doom mongers Eremit cram so much into the three songs on Bearer of Many Names that they leave a trail of...

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First I was willingly avoiding to review Rhapsody of Fire "I'll Be Your Hero." Calm down, my dear child of the night, I don't...

Krilloan – Stories of Times Forgotten Review

Wanna be introduced to a band that plays the Power Metal as it should be perfomed? A band that could be taken as an...

Hellsike! – Insanitarium Review

Metal music is such a splendor thing. Once in a while we receive bands that aren't exactly what a fan would dream of. I...